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Facts about College of Science

College of Science Departments

  • Applied Mathematics
  • Biological and Chemical Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics and Science Education
  • Physics

College of Science Programs

The College offers undergraduate, co-terminal, masters and doctoral degrees, professional master's, and certificate programs.

College of Science Student Quality

  • Average SAT score: 1342
  • Average ACT score: 29

College of Science Statistics

  • Second-largest student body at IIT
  • 450 undergraduates; 900 graduate students
  • 65 tenure/tenure-track faculty; 25 full-time teaching faculty; 90 total faculty
  • Over 36,000 teaching hours per year. Largest at IIT.
  • 10,000 Science alumni all over the world

College of Science Research

Approximately $10 million in research expenditures annually

Selected areas of research:

  • Statistics and stochastic modeling
  • Cancer research
  • Structural biophysics
  • Particle and accelerator physics
  • Bioinformatics
  • Computational and data science
  • High performance computing
  • Materials studies for energy applications
  • STEM education