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Eric Hanson - Colorado State University
Sep 15, 4:40pm to 5:55pm
Applied Mathematics - Colloquia - E1 104
Abstract:  Numerical algebraic geometry (NAG) is a tool set for approximating the solutions to systems of polynomial equations and manipulating the resulting solution sets.  Since polynomial equations arise frequently in science and engineering, techniques from NAG have been applied... read more
Sep 15
Meta S. Brown
Sep 9, 10:00am
Computer Science - Seminar - Stuart Building 220
Data analysis isn’t something you do for your own entertainment. Businesses pay for analytics to support decision-making, to provide them with information that gives the business the best shot at the biggest profits. Yet C-level executives frequently ignore or undervalue the analytics... read more
Sep 9
Bridget Tenner - DePaul University
Sep 8, 4:40pm to 5:55pm
Applied Mathematics - Colloquia - E1 104
Abstract: Suppose that mathematician M has just proved theorem T. How is M to know if her result is truly new, or if T already exists in the literature? I will discuss existing databases of theorems which assign a small, language-free, canonical, and searchable "fingerprint" to their... read more
Sep 8
May 19 (All day) to May 22 (All day)
Seminar - E1 Auditorium
An international conference on algebraic statistics, AS2014, will take place right here in our department! See website for schedule, details, contact information, registration, etc. IIT graduate students who are interested in helping out with the conference will have registration fees waived.... read more
May 19
David Haws - IBM Research
Apr 30, 3:30pm
Seminar - E1 121
This talk will cover descriptions of probabilistic conditional independence (CI) models and learning graphical models which has applications in biology (epistasis, gene regulatory networks, protein signaling, systems biology), Markov random processes, probabilistic reasoning, artificial... read more
Apr 30
Emil Constantinescu - Argonne National Laboratory
Apr 28, 4:40pm
Colloquia - LS 152
Abstract: An important issue in quantifying uncertainty in the simulation of large-scale dynamical processes is to determine statistical models that appropriately account for their physical characteristics or nonstationarity. In this talk we describe a method to derive covariance... read more
Apr 28
Dane Wilburne - IIT Applied Math
Apr 23, 3:30pm
Seminar - E1 121
Abstract coming soon.
Apr 23
Dr. Larry Birnbaum - Northwestern University
Apr 23, 11:25am to 12:40pm
Seminar - SB 107
Systems that present people with information inescapably make editorial judgments in determining what information to show and how to show it. However the editorial values used to make these judgments are generally invisible to users and in many cases even to the engineers who design them. This work... read more
Apr 23
Emma Turian
Apr 22, 3:15pm to 4:30pm
Seminar - E1 122
Apr 22
Laura McLay - University of Wisconsin at Madison
Apr 21, 4:40pm
Colloquia - LS 152
Abstract: Covering models are used in a broad spectrum of applications. This talk will first overview various covering models and then focus on covering models and algorithms for emergency medical services. These emergency medical service models reflect multiple partial coverage. Lastly, I will... read more
Apr 21