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Department of Applied Mathematics

Engineering 1 Building
10 West 32nd Street, Room 208
Chicago, IL 60616

Tel: 312.567.8980 | Fax: 312.567.3135 | E-Mail: amath_AT_iit_DOT_edu


photo Fred Hickernell
Department Chair
Office: E1 208B
Phone: 312.567.8983
E-Mail: hickernell_AT_iit_DOT_edu
Fred Hickernell's Faculty Page

photo Gregory Fasshauer
Associate Chair, Director of Undergraduate Studies, and Undergraduate Advisor
Office: E1 208A
Phone: 312.567.3149
Greg Fasshauer's Faculty Page

photo Xiaofan Li
Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Advisor
Office: E1 117C
Phone: 312.567.5340
E-Mail: lix_AT_iit_DOT_edu
Xiaofan Li's Faculty Page

photo Tomasz Bielecki
Director of Master of Mathematical Finance
Office: E1 125A
Phone: 312.567.3165
E-Mail: bielecki_AT_iit_DOT_edu
Tomasz Bielecki's Faculty Page


photo Gladys Collins
Department Coordinator
Office: E1 208
Phone: 312.567.8980
E-Mail: collinsg_AT_iit_DOT_edu

Myrna Walker
Administrative Assistant (part time)
Office: E1 208
Phone: 312.567.8984


photo Lulu Kang
Master of Data Science Advisor
Office: E1 105A
Phone: 312.567.5322
E-Mail: lkang2_AT_math_DOT_iit_DOT_edu
Lulu Kang's Faculty Page

photo Charles Tier
Master of Science in Applied Math Advisor
Computer Coordinator
Office: E1 212
Phone: 312.567.3523
E-Mail: ctier_AT_iit_DOT_edu
Charles Tier's Faculty Page

Yizhi Zhang
Student Assistant (Computers)
Office: E1 120
Phone: 312.567.6932
E-Mail: yzhang97_AT_hawk_DOT_iit_DOT_edu

photo Michael Pelsmajer
Office: E1 206
Phone: 312.567.5344
E-Mail: pelsmajer_AT_iit_DOT_edu
Michael Pelsmajer's Faculty Page

photo Hemanshu Kaul
Library Liason
SIAM Chapter Advisor
Office: E1 125C
Phone: 312.567.3128
E-Mail: kaul_AT_iit_DOT_edu
Hemanshu Kaul's Faculty Page

photo John Erickson
Math Club Advisor
Office: E1 110
Phone: 312-567-8915
Fax: 312-567-3135
John Erickson's Faculty Page

photo Sonja Petrović
Colloquium Coordinator
Office: E1 111A
Phone: 312-567-3139
Fax: 312-567-3135
Sonja Petrović's Faculty Page

photo Shuwang Lee
SIAM Chapter Advisor
Office: E1 111B
Phone: 312-567-3170
Fax: 312-567-3135
Shuwang Li's Faculty Page