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Applied Analysis

Applied analysis is one of the foundations for interdisciplinary applied mathematics. The principles of (functional) analysis are applied to such areas as partial differential equations, dynamical systems, and numerical analysis. The basic framework, concepts, and techniques of modern mathematical analysis are essential for modeling, analysis, and simulation of complicated phenomena in engineering, and science. Applying the ideas and methods of modern mathematical analysis to such problems has been a thoroughly interdisciplinary effort.

Research and teaching within the applied analysis group at IIT concentrates on development and application of new techniques for investigating numerous phenomena in engineering and science. In particular, members of the group do research in nonlinear dynamics, approximation theory, numerical analysis, fluid dynamics, materials science, viscoelastic and polymeric fluid flows, biological science, quantum mechanics and electrodynamics, solid mechanics, financial engineering and other disciplines.

Primary interests: Bielecki, CialencoDuan, Lubin

Secondary interests: Gong, S. Li, X. Li, Nair, Rempfer, Tier