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Computational Mathematics

The use of computation/simulation as a third alternative to theory and experimentation is now common practice in many branches of science and engineering. Many scientific problems that were previously inaccessible have seen tremendous progress from the use of computation (e.g., many-body simulations in physics and chemistry, simulation of semiconductors, etc.). Researchers and scientists in these areas must have a sound training in the fundamentals of computational mathematics and become proficient in the use (and development) of new algorithms and analytical techniques as they apply to modern computational environments.

Research and teaching within the computational mathematics group at IIT concentrates on basic numerical analysis, as well as development of new computational methods used in the study and solution of problems in the applied sciences and engineering. In particular, members of the group do research on complexity theory, the finite element method, meshfree methods, multiscale and multilevel methods, Monte Carlo and quasi-Monte Carlo methods, numerical methods for deterministic and stochastic ordinary and partial differential equations, computational fluid dynamics, computational materials science, computer-aided geometric design, and parallel computation.

Primary interests:
Hickernell, S. Li, X. Li, Tier

Secondary interests:
Duan, Petrović, Rempfer