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Awards for Applied Mathematics Students

The Department of Applied Mathematics at IIT gives out awards to exceptional students once a year, as part of the Menger Day festivities. The awards are:

  • The Karl Menger Student Award for Exceptional Scholarship
  • Department of Applied Mathematics Teaching Award
  • F.R. "Buck" McMorris Summer Research Stipend

In addition, there are awards given for top scores in the IIT math contest and for winners of the Problem of the Week.

Past Award Winners

Karl Menger Student Award For Exceptional Scholarship
2016    Undergraduate - Weronika Swiechowicz
Graduate - Zhuan Ceng
2015 Xuan Zhou
2014 Kai Liu
2013 Yiou Li
2012 Qi Ye
2011 Ben Niu
2010 Hannah Kolb
2009 Kevin Ventullo
2008 Andrea Vidozzi and Luca Vidozzi
2007 Michael McCourt
Department of Applied Mathematics Teaching Assistant Award
2016 Hanna Albert
2015 Yuhan Ding
2014 Chris Mitillos
2013 Yiou Li
2012 Gergely Balint
2011 Allen Flavell
2010 Amlan Barua
2009 Jiarui Yang
2008 Oscar Ortega
F.R. "Buck" McMorris Summer Research Stipend
2016       Yicong Huang
2015 Martin Dillion
2014 Yuanfang Xiang
2013 Julienne Kabre
2012 Tao Chen
2011 Lan Jiang
2009 Hong Liu
2008 Xingye Kan