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Math Club


Announcements are made via the Math Club Mailing List.

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IIT Applied Math Majors need not subscribe, since they should already be on the "ugrads" mailing list, so they will automatically get Math Club email.

IIT High School Mathematics Competion, March 17, 2012


Events are posted on our Google Calendar.

(If you have a gmail account, open your Google Calendar and look for "Other Calendars". If you type "mathclub.iit" where it says "Add a friend's calendar", then Math Club events will automatically appear in your own calendar.)


Math Club Advisor
Student Leaders

Math Club Activities

This is a partial list of Math Club events from the past few years.

  • Student Research Talks
  • Student Expository Talks
  • Faculty Talks
  • Travel to conferences
  • Participate in Math Contests
  • Information Session on Graduate School in Applied Mathematics
  • Information Session on Actuarial Sciences career
  • Math Barbecue!
  • Watch Movies
  • Information Session on "Which Courses Should I Take?"
  • Information Session on Summer Research Opportunities
  • Meeting with the Karl Menger Lecturer
  • Math Contest preparation/Problem-solving sessions
  • Consume pizza