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Why Choose Biology?

The biology program at IIT provides a rigorous educational experience in the fundamental areas of biology including genetics, microbiology, cell biology and biochemistry, and structural biophysics. It gives you a firm foundation in the field, both in biological theory and experimentation, so that you may pursue many career paths after leaving IIT.

Our students also benefit from small class sizes, classes taught by faculty (not teaching assistants) who are accessible to students, and individual advising by members of the faculty.

The curriculum is interdisciplinary and flexible, allowing degree options in biology, biochemistry, and molecular biochemistry and biophysics. IIT offers special degree programs in secondary education, dual B.S./M.S., dual B.S./M.D. or D.O., and dual B.S./optometry.

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Why Choose Biology?

What Can I Study?

First Year Experience


Pombert’s Paper on Discovery About Pathogen’s Evolution in PNAS
Jean-Francois Pombert, IIT assistant professor of biology, and his international collaborators have discovered new information... read more
IIT researcher finds Baxdelta2 tumor suppressor can be generated in some colon cancer cells
Discovery may lead to better understanding of microsatellite unstable colon cancer and potentially provide targeted... read more
College of Science Announces 2014 Undergraduate Summer Research Stipend Winners
The College of Science has chosen eight students to receive this year’s undergraduate summer research stipends. The... read more
IIT-MEDLIFE To Participate in Medical Brigade in Peru
The IIT-MEDLIFE chapter has raised $26,000 to send 14 IIT students and one faculty member to a mobile clinic from May 18-26 in... read more
IIT Student Miriam Schmid Receives Lincoln Academy Student Laureate Award
IIT student Miriam Schmid was one of 53 students who received the Lincoln Academy's Student Laureate Award. Schmid, who is a... read more


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