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Ph.D. Qualifying/Masters Comprehensive Examinations

The M.S. comprehensive/Ph.D. qualifying exam is an oral examination based on a recent research paper. It is administered before a committee of three faculty members. It may also be used (but is not required) to satisfy the comprehensive examination requirement for the Master of Chemistry degree.

Before exam 
At least several weeks before the examination, the student should ask faculty members to serve on their committee. After the committee has been determined and the examination scheduled, the student’s research advisor should propose 2 or 3 papers to form the basis of the examination. The papers should not be directly related to the student’s research area. For the purpose of evaluating the students’ critical thinking skills, it may be preferable for the papers to have a logical flaw or a controversial position. The rest of the committee will then select one of the papers. The research advisor will inform the student of their choice no more than two weeks before the scheduled examination. Continue reading »

Department of Chemistry Course Assessment

  • All Department of Chemistry courses are expected to have a student assessment and faculty assessment at the end of the semester. The forms below are templates which can be used to complete this assessment for the department.
  • Embedded Assessment- Spreadsheet used for assessment of course objectives by faculty.
  • Student Assessment Summary- Spreadsheet used for summarizing results of end-of-year student assessment (handed out by department administration).

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