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Oct 26, 2:00pm to 5:00pm
IIT CEO - Other - Vertigo Sky Lounge
Pitch in front of professionals for a chance to win a trip to the National CEO Conference. Network with other studens and professionals too! Register at
Oct 26
Wei Shi
Oct 27, 11:30am to 12:30pm
Department of Computer Science - Seminar - Stuart Building, Room 111
Knowledge of patients’ location information is critical for exercising spatial epidemiology in public health surveillance. Spatial epidemiology provides a spatial understanding of the population's health, and aids in studying the distribution of diseases in different areas (including... read more
Oct 27
Ms. Diana Parr
Oct 27, 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Department of Computer Science - Colloquia - Stuart Building, Room 106 (Broadcast Overflow in 107)
The Application Of Information Assurance In The Government Workplace Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) Technical Manager at the National Security Agency (NSA), will talk about the application of information assurance in the government workplace. Her focus will be on the role her agency plays... read more
Oct 27
Aaron Lauve - Loyola University-Chicago
Oct 27, 4:40pm to 5:55pm
Applied Mathematics - Colloquia - E1 104
Abstract: During his study of binary quadratic forms ax^2 + bxy + cy^2 in the late 1800s, A.A. Markoff introduced necessary and sufficient conditions on a reduced form F so that its minimum is less than 3. He phrased his condition in terms of certain forbidden patterns of a... read more
Oct 27
Xiao Wang
Oct 29, 11:25am to 12:40pm
Applied Mathematics - Seminar - E1 242
Oct 29
Zonghai Chen - Argonne National Laboratory
Oct 29, 3:15pm
Chemistry - Colloquia - LS 111
A worldwide effort is underway to develop advanced energy-related technologies that would reduce the global consumption of non-renewable fossil fuels and alleviate the negative impact of greenhouse gas emission. Among available energy storage technologies, the lithium-ion battery is the most... read more
Oct 29
Gregory A. Voth - University of Chicago
Oct 30, 3:30pm to 5:00pm
Phyics - Colloquia - 111 Life Sciences Building
A multiscale theoretical and computational methodology will be discussed for studying biomolecular systems across multiple length and time scales. The approach provides a systematic connection between all-atom molecular dynamics, coarse-grained modeling, and mesoscopic phenomena. At the heart of... read more
Oct 30
Yongcheng Zhou - Colorado State University
Nov 3, 4:40pm to 5:50pm
Applied Mathematics - Colloquia - E1 104
Abstract: Bilayer membrane deformation is involved in many biological processes and is determined by various intermolecular interactions as well as the dynamical lipid composition. A full integrated model that couples these interactions is highly desirable. Here we will present two recent studies... read more
Nov 3
Nov 4, 12:50pm to 1:50pm
Career Management Center - Seminar - Hermann Hall Ballroom
Wondering how to stand out to potential employers and shape your career with your degree and training from IIT College of Science? Join our faculty panelists and Career Management Center hosts Celestine McGee and Yahaira Guilfu Diaz to hear advice from years of experience working in the field.... read more
Nov 4
Hualong Feng
Nov 5, 11:25am to 12:40pm
Applied Mathematics - Seminar - E1 242
Nov 5