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Braja K. Mandal

Braja K. Mandal, Ph.D.

Braja K. Mandal, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry






328 Robert A. Pritzker Science Center


B.S. University of Calcutta
Ph.D. Indian Institute of Technology

Research & Accomplishments 

The major focus of our research group is centered on phthalocyanine (Pc)-based materials for organic solar cells and photovoltaic devices.  Specifically, we are interested in the design and synthesis of structurally rigid artificial photosynthetic systems (e.g., Pc-Benzoquinone and Pc-C60 dyads) to mimic natural photosynthesis.  We are also engaged in developing Pc incorporated high dielectric constant polymer films by the atom-transfer radical polymerization (ATRP) technique, and Pc-based microporous materials for hydrogen storage applications. 

Another highly focused area of our research is polymer/liquid electrolytes for Li-ion batteries.  Our recent work in this area involved:

  • Introduction, for the first time, of thermal runaway inhibitor (TRI) additives to prevent catastrophic events in Li-ion batteries due to failure of current path interruptor (CPI) or under abusive conditions.
  • New classes of low lattice energy lithium salts
  • Smart liquid electrolytes specifically, for use at low temperatures (-50°C).
  • Gel polymer electrolytes by crosslinking chloromethylated polymers with dendritic polyamines. 

I am pleased to inform you that my book entitled “Polymer Synthesis- strategies and tactics”, has now been published (early September 2009).  This book (ISBN:  978-0-9841572-0-4) presents the most up-to-date developments in polymer chemistry with special emphasis on strategies and tactics to prepare monomers and polymers and to perform newly developed polymerization reactions.  The book is designed to accommodate the needs of both advanced undergraduate and graduate students who have a good background in organic chemistry, as well as a stand-alone handy polymer synthesis reference guide.  Further information, including preview of the book, can be obtained at the publisher’s website.

Currently, I am working on two books, exclusively for undergraduate students.  One is based on Polymer Science and Technology and the other, on Experimental Organic Chemistry.  Both books will be produced in collaboration with several renowned professors, including some of my IIT colleagues.  These books are scheduled for completion by the fall of 2010.


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