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Brant Cage

Brant Cage, Ph.D.

Brant Cage, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Chemistry






354 Life Sciences Building


B.S. University of West Florida
Ph.D. Florida State University

Research & Accomplishments 

The focus of our research is the development of magnetic materials for biophysical applications. This program encompasses chemistry, physics, and synthesis of magnetic materials. We design and build sensitive instrumental techniques to characterize the physical properties of these materials. Theoretical analysis of the physical properties leads to development of novel materials with superior properties, tuned to a particular need, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) enhancement, magnetic refrigeration, and standards for MRI.


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Khan M.I., Nome R.C., Putrevu N.R., McNeely J.H., Cage B., Doedens R.J. Hybrid materials composed of tetravanadate motifs: Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of the open framework structure solids [{M(C5H5N)4}2]V4O12 (M=Cu, Co). Inorganica Chimica Acta. 2010; 363(15):4307-4312.
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Brant Cage, Stephen E. Russek, Richard Shoemaker, Alex J. Barker, Conrad Stoldt, Vasanth Ramachandaran, Naresh S. Dalal "The utility of the single-molecule magnet Fe8 as a magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent over a broad range of concentration" Polyhedron, 26, 2413-2419, 2007.

Brant Cage, Stephen Russek, David Zipse, Micah North, Naresh Dalal “Resonant Microwave Power Absorption and Relaxation of the Energy Levels of the Molecular Nanomagnet Fe8 using a commercial SQUID-based Methodology” App. Phys. Lett, 87, 082501, 2005.

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Brant Cage, and Naresh Dalal, “Unhydrated Cr(V) Peroxychromates M3CrO8 (M = Na, K, Rb): Low Dimensional Antiferromagnets Exhibiting Large Specific Heats at mK – 5K Temperatures”, Chem. Mat., 13, 880-90, 2001.