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Gocha Khelashvili

Gocha Khelashvili, Ph.D.

Gocha Khelashvili
Adjunct Professor of Physics






169 Life Sciences


B.S. Tblisi State Univeristy
M.S. The Johns Hopkins University
Ph.D. Illinois Institute of Technology

Research & Accomplishments 

My current interest is in the area of medical physics. My main job is in the Radiation Oncology Department of Rush University Medical Center, where I perform typical duties of therapeutic radiological physicist. I am also involved in several research projects related to therapeutic and diagnostic medical physics:


  • Study of modulation of radiotherapy x-ray beams by strong magnetic fields created by superconducting thick solenoid. Dose escalation caused by trapping of electrons by magnetic field may have some clinical application. Using Monte Carlo simulations we “apply” magnetic field to various patient cases for various cancers. Those patients have been treated in the past by conventional radiotherapy methods. We conduct extensive study if magnetic field can provide additional therapeutic gain (more tumor dose and less healthy tissue damage) compared to existing treatment plans.


  • Application of X-ray optics to imaging problems using a new phase sensitive imaging modalities called Diffraction Enhanced Imaging (DEI) and Multiple Image Radiography (MIR). My interest in this project include development of self-consistent theoretical model of DEI and MIR image formation, precise calculation and measurement of dose deposited to biological systems during DEI/MIR image acquisition and developing data analysis methods. This work is been performed in collaboration with University of Saskatchewan / Canadian Light Source (Saskatoon, Canada), Image Processing Laboratories of Illinois Institute of Technology and Nesch LLC (Crown Point, IN).



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