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Gregory Fasshauer

Gregory Fasshauer, Ph.D.

Gregory Fasshauer
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Associate Chair and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Applied Mathematics






Rettaliata Engineering Center, Room 208A

Office Hours: 

MW 2:00 - 3:00 pm
and by appointment


Ph.D. in Mathematics - Vanderbilt University (1995)
MA in Mathematics - Vanderbilt University (1993)
Diploma & Staatsexamen in Mathematics and English - University of Stuttgart (1991)

Research & Accomplishments 

Meshfree methods for multivariate approximation (radial basis functions, moving least squares and related methods), Applications of meshfree methods (surface and solid model compression, image compression, options pricing, vibration analysis of composite beams and plates, gas-dynamics), Numerical analysis (solution of differential and integral equations, Nash iteration, multilevel algorithms, fast summation methods, meshfree pseudospectral methods, parallel computing), Approximation theory (approximation on spheres, approximate approximation), Computer-aided geometric design (minimal energy surfaces, geometric continuity), Spline theory (approximation with multivariate splines, dimensions of multivariate spline spaces).


2012 - Distinguished Teaching Fellow, College of Science and Letters

2008 - AMS Menger Prize Committee

2007 - Dean's Excellence Award for Teaching, College of Science and Letters, IIT.

2003 - Fellow of Wessex Institute of Technology, Great Britain.

1995 - Bjarni Jonsson Prize for Research, Vanderbilt University.


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