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Howard A. Rubin

Howard A. Rubin, Ph.D.

Howard A. Rubin
Emeritus Professor of Physics






154 Robert A. Pritzker Science Center


B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Ph.D. University of Maryland

Research & Accomplishments 

My research currently focuses on the study of neutrino oscillations. I am participating in the Fermilab MINOS Experiment and the European reactor neutrino experiment Double Chooz. My major work in recent experimental collaborations has been in the areas of code development and management, and large-scale data processing on dedicated CPU farms on the Fermigrid component of the Open Science Grid, where I have been responsible for the processing of MINOS data and Monte Carlo.

MINOS began taking data in the Far Detector at the Soudan mine in northern Minnesota in 2003 and at the Near Detector on the Fermilab campus in 2005, and will continue running until at least late 2010. It is designed to make a precision measurement of the mass difference among members of the neutrino family using a ‘disappearance’ measurement, and is also doing searches for neutrino appearance. Several results, including some unique atmospheric measurements, are documented in publications listed below.

The Double Chooz experiment is designed to make a measurement of the angle θ13, an important parameter in the Standard Model of particle physics in the neutrino sector, that is more precise than the current value (from the original Chooz experiment) by a factor of 10. The experiment is scheduled to begin taking data at the first of two detectors at the Chooz nuclear reactor in France early in 2010, with the second detector active by the end of 2011.


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