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Jinqiao (Jeffrey) Duan

Jinqiao (Jeffrey) Duan, Ph.D.

Jinqiao (Jeffrey) Duan
Professor of Applied Mathematics






Engineering 1, Room 115B

Office Hours: 

(on leave Spring 2015)


Ph.D. - Cornell University


Applied Mathematics --- Random dynamics & stochastic partial differential equations; Nonlinear dynamics & partial differential equations; Modeling, analysis, simulation and prediction (MASP) of random and multi-scale phenomena (fluids, geophysical flows, environmental flows, etc).


Escape Probability, Mean Residence Time and Geophysical Fluid Particle Dynamics, with J. Brannan and V. Ervin, Physica D (133) 1999, 23-33.

Fractional Fokker--Planck equation for nonlinear stochastic differential equations driven by non-Gaussian Levy stable noises, with D. Schertzer, M. Larcheveque, V. Yanovsky and S. Lovejoy. J. Math. Phys 42 (2001), 200-212.

Invariant manifolds for stochastic partial differential equations, with K. Lu and B. Schmalfuss, Ann. Prob. (31) 2003, 2109-2135.

Stochastic parameterization for large eddy simulation of geophysical flows, with B. Nadiga. Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 135 (2007), 1187-1196.

Effective macroscopic dynamics of stochastic partial differential equations in perforated domains, with W. Wang and D. Cao. SIAM J. Math. Anal., 38(2007), 1508-1527.