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PreMedicine Programs: IIT / Rush Honors Engineering / Medicine


IIT and Rush Medical College offer a joint admission program for motivated and intellectually promising college sophomores preparing to attend medical school upon completion of their undergraduate degree and who intend to become research-oriented physicians.


This program is for current IIT sophomores majoring in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer science, molecular biochemistry and biophysics, biochemistry, or other approved major.

Students apply in the summer after their sophomore year at IIT and are admitted the Fall of their junior year. As part of the experience students are required to complete a year-long research project that bridges engineering, science and medicine. After completing their bachelor of science at IIT, students then move to Rush Medical College to complete their M.D. degree. The Medical College Admission Test, MCAT, is required.


This program leads to a baccalaureate degree from IIT and to an M.D. degree from Rush Medical College. The curriculum focuses on studies for the bachelor’s degree for the first four years. Continuation on to medical school is contingent upon (1) maintaining a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 and no course grade below a “C” (2) completion of all specified premedical courses with grades of B or better and (3) successful completion of a research project starting no later than the spring semester of the junior year and culminating in submission of a manuscript to a professional conference or a professional journal. Students are required to take the MCAT and achieve a minimum score. Students must register with the Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) for purposes of matriculating to Rush Medical College. The PreMedical Planning Guide for Prospective and Current Students in the IIT/Rush Combined Honors Engineering and Medicine Program should be consulted for schedule planning.

Required Research Project

A unique feature of the program is the required research project. The projects involve a team composed of students and faculty members from Rush Medical College and IIT. Projects are typically a direct part of, or are closely related to, an ongoing larger project at either one or both institutions. The research component requires that students begin work on their project no later than the spring semester of their junior year and complete the project in two semesters. In most cases, students will work on a clearly defined and well-circumscribed problem that is tractable, and for which a reasonable degree of closure can be obtained in two semesters. Students are expected to submit a manuscript reporting their results to a professional conference or journal for publication.

Application Requirements

A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5 and course grades of B or better are required for admission consideration. Students must major in one of the disciplines listed in the general information (above) and should have successfully completed, or be close to completion of courses which include eight semester hours in biology or zoology, eight semester hours of laboratory in both inorganic and organic chemistry, and eight semester hours in general physics. Engineering majors are expected to have completed math through differential equations or be prepared to take differential equations at IIT. Students will have between 48 and 72 credit hours left to meet the requirements for their major and PreMedical Studies minor. Applicants should have an outstanding academic record and have demonstrated an interest in both medicine and research.

Applicants must submit all application materials to IIT by August 1 after sophomore year. In order to be considered for admission:

IIT Sophomores Must Submit

  • IIT/Rush Medical College Combined Honors Engineering and Medicine Program Application for Admission
  • Supplemental Application - Rush Medical College
  • IIT Transcripts
  • Three letters of recommendation. Two letters from a math, science or engineering professor and one letter from a humanities professor
  • Personal statement which informs the committee why you seek admission to the IIT/Rush Combined Program, and what work, educational and/or life experiences have influenced your life the most

Selection Process

A committee of IIT and Rush faculty and admissions staff review applications. Two sets of interviews take place. Qualified candidates will be invited for interviews with IIT faculty in late August. Additionally, the Rush Medical College Admissions Committee will review applicant credentials and select candidates for an interview at Rush Medical College in early fall. Applicants will be notified of their admission decision by December. Academic factors considered in offering admission to an applicant include strong academic records and the demonstration of a strong interest in research and medicine through participation in medical-related research and hospital volunteer work.

Address Inquiries To:

IIT Sophomores

Dr. Kathryn Spink
Chief Health Professions Advisor and Program Coordinator

Illinois Institute of Technology
BCS Department
3101 S. Dearborn Street
146C Life Sciences Building
Chicago, IL 60616
Phone: 312-567-3441

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