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Master of Data Science

Analytics for the 21st Century

The IIT Master of Data Science (MAS DS) is designed for bright, curious students with strong backgrounds in mathematics, computation, life and physical sciences, engineering, and business, who want to delve deeply into data, not only to extract answers from data but to ask the right questions.

This rigorous, interdisciplinary program combines high-level mathematics, statistics, and computer science theory with the business acumen to explore data sets, gather insights, visualize results, and communicate meaningful findings.

Our graduates rethink, restructure, and reconceptualize data. They make sense of data and have the ability to articulate their discoveries and recommendations to those not schooled in the world of data.

Students in the program can expect to obtain deep theoretical knowledge and understanding of the assumptions made by machine learning methods; be grounded in applied statistics; learn skills in object-oriented programming; identify scientific problems and processes; and be capable of facilitating effective communication with both scientific and non-scientific collaborators. In addition, students will work in teams on real-world data science projects through a practicum at the end of the program. Unlike many data analytics and business intelligence degrees, IIT’s program is firmly rooted in computational science and applied mathematics. A well-designed multidisciplinary degree program of this sort teaches students the essential theory, software engineering, and communication skills data scientists need for success.

"Of course it's a good thing to see the growing availability of data science programs in academia. As recently as 2011, there were next to no formal training programs. Now, there are solid data science or advanced analytics programs in place at Columbia's Institute for Data Sciences and Engineering; UC Berkeley's iSchool; Carnegie Mellon University; Illinois Institute of Technology; Imperial College, London; North Carolina State; Syracuse University; and the University of Tennessee."
—Harvard Business Review

"Look for the continued emergence of data science curricula in academia, with new Masters' programs like those at NYU, Columbia, Berkeley and Illinois Institute of Technology supplanting first generation Predictive Analytics kin. The winning curricula, like the winning data science book, will combine the vision, organization and rigor of academy with attention to the day-to-day technical demands of practitioners."
—Information Management

Why Illinois Institute of Technology?

IIT is the right place to study data science for many reasons:

  • IIT is the Midwest's premier technology university, with a long history of graduating rigorously prepared scientists and engineers and sending them on to excel in their professions.
  • Our program is true to this institutional mission—it is one of the only such programs that combine extremely demanding high-level mathematical and computational training with the teamwork and communication skills needed to excel in data science.
  • We are also one of few programs whose students will learn to communicate with a wide variety of potential data science clients from different cultural background, be they in the world of business, government, academia, or non-profit organizations.
  • Chicago is a major hub for data science research and there is a very large concentration of companies in the area that rely on data scientists.
  • The City of Chicago government is forward thinking and a pioneer in making municipal data available for analysis and app development.

Program Administration

Program Director
Shlomo Argamon, Ph.D.
Computer Science Department

Program Associate Director
Lulu Kang, Ph.D.
Applied Mathematics Department

Director, Professional Master's Programs
Elizabeth Friedman, Ph.D.
College of Science

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