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Master of Science in Biology

A Master of Science in Biology student must complete 32-34 credit hours of approved graduate work in one of the areas of specialization listed below. This will include 25-30 credit hours of coursework and one credit hour of BIOL 595 colloquium. Two options are available to complete the M.S. degree requirements: a thesis option and a non-thesis option.

The thesis option is designed for individuals planning careers as experimental biologists, including those who may wish to pursue a Ph.D. This option is available on a competitive basis. Students choosing the thesis option must complete six credit hours of thesis research (BIOL 591). Students must also prepare a written thesis based on laboratory research.

The non-thesis option is intended as a degree to meet the needs of teachers, science administrators, policy makers in the life sciences, patent attorneys and others. Students who elect the non-thesis option must complete a library research project in one of the following courses: BIOL 572 Literature in BiochemistryBIOL 574 Literature in BiotechnologyBIOL 576 Literature in Cell and Molecular Biology, or BIOL 578 Literature in Microbiology; or a laboratory research project in BIOL 522 Research Techniques in Biological Sciences plus BIOL 597 Special Topics.

Students must pass the written M.S. comprehensive examination in their respective area of specialization: biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, or microbiology. Students with a specialization in biotechnology may choose any of the three examinations.

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