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STEM Leadership Cohort Master of Science / Mathematics Education (MAS)

  • IIT Math and Science Education STEM Leadership Collaborative
  • Master of Mathematics Education -or- Master of Science Education

Application Deadline: April 2016

Illinois Institute of Technology is recruiting candidates for a unique Master of Mathematics or Master of Science Education degree program.

This exciting initiative begins in July 2016 and includes the following features:

  • Greatly reduced tuition in 11 graduate-level courses that fulfill all requirements for a Master Degree in Mathematics Education or Science Education
  • Coursework begins in July 2016 and will be completed by July 2017
  • Ongoing interaction with a cohort of mathematics and science leaders
  • IIT subsidies will limit out-of-pocket expenses for teachers to approximately $1,200 per course

A minimum of three years experience teaching grades K-12 mathematics or science is preferred. 

Course of Study 

Summer Session I  
Action Research I — MSED 562
Secondary Curriculum — MSED 554 (Science)/MSED 555 (Math)
Fall Semester  
Clinical Supervision — MSED 550
Assessment and Evaluation — MSED 552
Action Research II — MSED 563
Spring Semester  
Advanced Teaching Strategies — MSED 501 (Math)/MSED 502 (Science)
Inquiry/Problem Solving — MSED 538
Action Research III — MSED 564
Summer Session II  
Informal Education Practicum — MSED 540
Leadership — MSED 597
Professional Development Practicum — MSED 530 (Science)/MSED 531 (Math)

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