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Master of Chemistry in Materials Chemistry | Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take all of the Master of Materials Chemistry courses online?
Yes, you can take all of the required courses online.
2. What about lab courses?
There are no lab courses. We believe the online courses combined with the hands-on laboratory experience you likely have acquired at work is sufficient, without you having to come to campus for additional lab training.
3. Do I ever need to come to campus?
No. You can earn the entire degree through distance learning.
4. What are the requirements to earn the Master of Materials Chemistry degree?
To earn the Master of Materials Chemistry degree, you must complete a minimum of 31 credit hours from the list of approved courses while maintaining a minimum grade point average of 3.0/4.0 ("B" average). No courses with a failing grade ("E") will be counted towards the degree. You are also required to pass a comprehensive exam.
5. What type of student enrolls in this program?
The program is designed for chemists working in industry, government and military labs, and for secondary education teachers and chemists working in institutions of higher learning.
6. When can I start?
If you meet the prerequisites, you may begin your graduate studies in the fall, spring, or summer semester.
7. How long will it take?
If you are enrolled part-time, you can generally finish the program in two and one-half to three years.
8. How is the examination process and homework handled?
With the help of the IIT Online office, you will select a testing site and proctor who will administer exams (when necessary). Homework is generally assigned within the lectures or on a course website. Homework is submitted by email, fax, or by uploading to Blackboard, an online teaching aid.
9. How many courses am I expected to take in a semester?
The part-time program is designed for you to take a maximum of two courses per semester.
10. Is a materials chemistry curriculum available for full-time professional master's students?
No, the program is designed specifically for part-time students.
11. What are the requirements for earning a certificate?
To earn a certificate, you must successfully complete at least 12 credit hours from a list of approved courses, earning a "C" or higher in each course with a cumulative minimum grade point average of 3.0/4.0 ("B" average).
12. If I start out in an IIT certificate program, can I transfer to an IIT master's degree program?
Yes, you can apply to and be admitted into a master's degree program at IIT. However, you are only allowed to transfer approved courses in which you have earned a "B" grade or higher to the master's degree program.
13. What will my diploma state as the degree earned?
Your diploma will state that you have earned a Master of Chemistry.
14. Where can I find additional information about IIT's policies and procedures?
▸  For dates & deadlines, registration, tuition, fees, and financial aid visit the Graduate College.
▸  For program of study, add/drop, withdrawal, leave of absence, and course repeat forms, academic probation contract, and application for graduation, visit the Office of Academic Affairs.
▸  For inquiries about course delivery, course access, and exam proctors visit IIT Online.
▸  For course descriptions see the Graduate Bulletin.
▸  For information on housing, health insurance, immunization requirements, student ID cards, parking permits, and additional steps for international students, visit the Office of Graduate Admission.