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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with emphasis in Chemical Physics

Chemical Physics is focused on the development of theoretical constructs and experimental methodologies to infer the properties of bulk matter from a molecular prospective. Chemical physicists seek to unravel varied mysteries such as how proteins fold, how nanostructures form and behave and how small molecules interact with cell membranes. The chemical physics option at Illinois Institute of Technology provides a solid foundation in chemistry with extensive coursework in physics and mathematics allowing students to make connections with how to use the language of mathematics and the laws of physics to solve chemical problems.

Program Requirements 

Required Courses

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry curriculum, students must complete the following courses as technical electives:

PHYS 308 Classical Mechanics I 3 Credits
PHYS 401 Statistical Physics 3 Credits
PHYS 405 Fundamentals of Quantum Theory I 3 Credits
PHYS 410 Molecular Biophysics 3 Credits
PHYS 412* Modern Optics and Lasers 3 Credits
PHYS 413* Electromagnetism I 3 Credits
PHYS 437* Solid State Physics 3 Credits
PHYS 440 Computational Physics 3 Credits

*Students must complete either PHYS 412, 413, or 437