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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with emphasis in Materials Chemistry

Materials chemistry is focused on the preparation and characterization of pure chemicals or chemical systems that have some unique function. This function can be dependent on the material's optical, electronic, magnetic or catalytic properties. The materials chemistry option at IIT draws from all five of the basic areas of chemistry to lay the foundation for understanding the synthesis, structure, characterization and applications of materials. A particularly strong emphasis at IIT is programmatic access to advanced x-ray crystallographic instrumentation to study the structure of inorganic-based materials in the solid state.

Program Requirements 

Required Courses

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry curriculum, students must complete the following courses as technical electives:

CHEM 470 Introduction to Polymer Chemistry 3 Credits
MMAE 465* Electrical, Magnetic, & Optical Properties 3 Credits
MMAE 486 Principles of Ceramics 3 Credits
MS 201 Materials Science 3 Credits
PHYS 415* Solid State Electronics 3 Credits
PHYS 437 Solid State Physics 3 Credits

*Students must take either MMAE 465 or PHYS 415