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Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with emphasis in Pharmaceutical

Pharmaceutical chemistry is an area of chemistry focused on the development of new drugs used to prevent, cure or relieve symptoms of disease. Modern medical practice relies on an enormous armamentarium of drugs that block, counteract or lessen the debilitating effects of disease. The pharmaceutical chemistry option at Illinois Institute of Technology emphasizes the synthesis and characterization of pharmaceuticals as well as the relationship between the structure of the drug to its biological activity.

Program Requirements 

Required Courses

The following courses are required as technical electives for a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

BIOL 402 Metabolic Biochemistry 3 Credits
CHEM 455 Advanced Organic Chemistry 3 Credits
CHEM 497 Special Problems Credit Variable
CHEM 531 Tactics in Organic Synthesis 3 Credits
CHEM 539 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemistry 3 Credits

Students interested in pursuing the pharmaceutical chemistry degree option must submit a formal letter of intent to a program advisor by the end of their second year. To insure adequate performance in CHEM 455 and graduate level organic chemistry courses, students should have completed CHEM 237 and CHEM 239 with grades of B or better. Students must also take the American Chemical Society placement examination in organic chemistry after they complete CHEM 239. The results will be used for advising and tracking purposes.