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George R. Marousek

BS Physics, 1964
MS Physics, 1967

As a graduate student of Dr. Erber in 1965, he assigned the following problem, "Using the Lorentz Position Time Transformations, obtain the laws for the relative velocities and accelerations" in system k when the system k' is moving a relativistic speeds. Dr. Erber provided a brief introduction to Dr. Menger's "new approach to calculus" in class and a handout outlining the notation developed by Dr. Menger.

As a senior I took Dr. Menger's evening class so I was familiar with this "new" way for writing function notation and differential notation. I completed the problem in one late evening (morning) session using 19 sheets of paper and ink pen. No whiteout, discarded sheets or crossouts. Once the calculation began each subcalculation lead to the next and there was no possibility of confusion as to what had been calculated.

When teaching at Aurora College between 1967 and 1974 (now Aurora University, Aurora, IL.) I included a one week introduction to "Menger Calculus" in a math class for Physics majors.