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Advising PIN (required for registration each semester)

Each academic unit issues the Advising PIN required for registration in the first semester of student enrollment at Illinois Tech.

For graduate students in full-time programs:

  • New entering M.S. and Ph.D. students receive their PIN number from the Director of Graduate Studies (Prof. Cialenco, who serves as their initial academic advisor. The professional masters’ students can obtain their PIN number from the Program Directors or Academic Advisors.
  • For continuing semesters, if not on probation, students can find their Advising PIN number in their MyIIT account. The Advising PIN is typically found under the Welcome tab as shown in the following IIT Personal ID Numbers portal widget example.

Figure 1. IIT Personal ID Numbers Portal Widget Example

Graduate Academic Advising

Graduate students are required to complete a mandatory advising session with the graduate academic  (or co-terminal) adviser.  The GP Graduate (Program) Advising Hold becomes active before the next semester of registration opens for:

  • Co-terminal students in the first semester of graduate co-terminal enrollment
  • Traditional masters students at 9 earned or enrolled credits
  • Doctoral students at 18 earned or enrolled credits
  • The hold prevents registration before the following semester until lifted by the adviser
  • The mandatory advising session is required for the student to clear the registration hold

One-on-one advising sessions can be arranged by email with the student’s advisor based on the student’s need.

Students in part-time professional programs have the Program Director as their advisor.

Advising Topics

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