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A message to our alumni

Dear Alumni,

We are glad that we are still on your mind! We are eager to know what you've been up to since graduating. Please send us class notes with your email address, current position, and a mailing address for our database, and we will make sure to keep in touch. Also, send your announcements, stories, and pictures for possible publication on our website.

Your Colleagues at the Department of Applied Mathematics

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Our recent graduates

Recent PhD and M.S. Alumni

  • Dane Wilburne (Ph.D. ‘18): postdoctoral researcher at Brown University's ICERM institute Fall 2018; postdoctoral researcher at York University, Toronto, Canada Spring 2019.
  • Lujia Wang (M.S. AMAT ‘13): Ph.D. in Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, The University of Illinois at Chicago

Recent Undergraduate Alumni

  • Tianci Zhu (AMAT ’17): M.S. Candidate in Mathematics in Finance, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University.
  • Weronika Swiechowicz (AMAT ’16): M.S. Candidate in Mathematical and Computational Engineering, Finance, Stanford University.
  • Xintong Li (AMAT ’17): M.S Candidate in Actuarial Science, Columbia University.
  • Anita Thomas (AMAT ’13): Geospatial Specialist in Woolpert
  • Kevin Ventullo (AMAT ’09): Ph.D. in Mathematics, UCLA; Research Scientist at Facebook.
  • Rick Matusiewicz (AMAT ’10): Software Engineer at Groupon.
  • Hong Liu (AMAT M.S. ‘10): Ph.D. Mathematics UIUC ‘15, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick
  • Michael Machen (AMAT ‘12) Ph.D. Notre Dame, working at BMO Financial Group - Harris Bank (in Chicago)
  • James J Pierce (AMAT ‘07) Ph.D. Carnegie-Mellon in Design, Researcher and Lecturer at the Jacobs Institute for Design innovation at UC Berkeley
  • Jon Beagley (AMAT ‘08) Ph.D. George Mason ‘13, Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Valparaiso U.
  • Callie Beagley (nee Johnson) (AMAT ‘07) worked as OR analyst and consultant and in Biostatistics


  • Jacob Matijevic (Math ’69): One of the original developers for the Mars rovers
  • Sam Karlin (Math ’44): National Medal of Science Recipient, contributed to software used to first map DNA sequences.