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Maggie Cheng - Martin Tuchman School of Management, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Apr 24, 2018 - 12:45pm to 1:45pm
Department of Applied Mathematics - Colloquia - Rettaliata Engineering Center, Room 119
An undetected topology change caused by overgrown trees is the root cause for the 2003 large scale blackout. The discrepancy between the actual topology of the power grid and the graph model used in state estimation is considered a topology error. Topology error was a reason that the Weighted Least... read more
Chenghua Duan - School of Electronic, Electrical and Communication Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Apr 19, 2018 - 12:50pm to 1:50pm
Department of Applied Mathematics - Seminar - Rettaliata Engineering Center, Room 119
We study the numerical methods for porous media equation (PME). There are two characteristics: the finite speed of propagation of the free boundary and the potential waiting time, which make the problem not easy to handle. Based on different dissipative energy laws, we develop two numerical schemes... read more
Sonja Petrovic - Department of Applied Mathematics, Illinois Institute of Technology
Apr 18, 2018 - 1:50pm to 2:50pm
Department of Applied Mathematics - Seminar - Rettaliata Engineering Center, Room 122
This set of lectures covers some of the basics of how algebraic statistics is used for network modeling. We will start by introducing some basic concepts and relevant background. Topics include the following: A statistics primer: introduction to hypothesis test for goodness of fit testing.... read more