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Printing and Copying Policies

The Applied Mathematics Department has three printers available to its faculty, students, and visitors, ranging in capability from black & white to full-color with a variety of finishing options. The printers are located in rooms E1 214 and E1 210 and can be accessed only through an assigned account on one of the computers in 214.

Computer Accounts

Please email with your full name and a computer account will be created for you. You will receive an email with instructions on how to change your initial password when you first login.


General: Only school related material may be printed. No pornographic and explicit material is allowed. If you are caught printing any unauthorized material you will be banned from printing.

Faculty: Unlimited university related printing for both the copier and printers.

Teaching and Research Assistants: Copier machine usage is limited to 10 color and 100 black & white pages per month. At the first of every month account counters will be cleared. Please manage your copier usage wisely! If you use all your allotted copier pages before the first of the month you will not be able to print until the counters are cleared. NO EXCEPTIONS. Students needing to print large papers for class or personal research must contact their academic adviser or one of the staff in room 208. Printer usage in the lab is unrestricted but closely monitored. Any large scale printing activity in the computer lab without explanation will result in a loss of privileges

Official Visitors: Unlimited university related printing for copier and printers. Hosting faculty members will provide a copier code for each visitor to use during his/her stay. 

Guests and Others: Please request copier and printer privileges from one of the staff in E1 208.