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2016 John W. Rowe Excellence in Teaching Award: Jialing Xiang

Jialing received her B.S. and M.D. degree from Xuzhou Medical University, China and Ph.D. from the University of Alabama, Birmingham. She joined IIT in 2003 as an assistant professor of biology and was promoted to full professor in 2014. Her research concerns the study of genetic markers of breast and colon cancer. She is an outstanding successful classroom teacher who believes passionately in the whole scholar. This translates to her mentoring and supervision of all her students – both graduates and undergraduates, inside and outside the classroom and in the laboratory. She is a firm yet caring individual who motivates and leads her students to achieve their full potential.

2016 IIT BOT Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award: Kathryn Spink

Kathryn received her B.S. from Michigan Tech and Ph.D. from Michigan State University. She joined IIT in 2005 as senior lecturer in Biology. In 2006 she was named as chief health professions advisor, a position she has held ever since. Her classroom teaching is outstanding. She has taught 10 different courses over the past 8 years and carries an average teaching load of over three courses per semester. She is a tough but fair instructor who has earned the respect and admiration of her students. She is totally committed to the success of her students and expects similar commitment from them. Her engagement with the students continues outside the classroom in her role as health professions advisor and as advisor and participant in the annual MEDLIFE service trip to South America. Further, she spearheads curriculum development in Biology and also serves as chair of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.

Study biology at Illinois Tech in Chicago.

Two New Biology M.S. Degrees

IIT's Master of Science in Biology for the Health Professions is suitable as preparation for professional health schools, including medicine, dentistry, optometry, and pharmacy.

IIT's Master of Science in Biology with Applied Life Sciences specialization is for people who are working in the life sciences (pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical technology) industry and want a graduate degree to obtain a more advanced position in industry.

M.S. Biology for the Health Professions »
M.S. Biology with Applied Life Sciences Specialization »

New Biology B.S. Degree

Students who are interested in both biology and computer science may consider the study of bioinformatics.

Bioinformaticians develop ways to gather and analyze data for biology research and other purposes. Advances in biology are often impeded by the glut of ever-expanding datasets and by a lack of dedicated software and algorithms, requiring skilled biologists capable of handling massive amounts of information, performing in-depth statistical analyses, and programming. Bioinformaticians do all of these things.

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