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Computational Genomics

Program head Jean-François Pombert is an expert in computational genomics and a former Louis-Berlinguet/Genome Québec Postdoctoral Fellow with over 20 years of experience in the field. Since 2007, the PI has authored or co-authored over 35 genome-related papers in journals such as PNAS, Nature Communications, PLoS Genetics and Current Biology. The Pombert Lab’s research revolves primarily around comparative genomics and the evolution of pathogenicity. The lab uses a mixture of open-source tools from the community or developed in-house to sequence, assemble, annotate and analyze genomes from all kingdoms of life.

Initially trained as a biochemist to tackle genome sequencing, Pombert learned computer programming to handle the vast amount of data generated with the advent of high-throughput sequencing technologies in the mid-2000s.

“When I started, generating genome sequence data required weeks to months of lab work. Now? Massive amounts of data can be generated on any given day. That data must be analyzed and this is done on computers. Genomics and transcriptomics could not exist without bioinformatics.” —Professor Pombert

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