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Like a Challenge?

Question #1

Which of these two molecules would you want flavoring your ice cream? Discover the answer »

Question #2

Caffeine is a common molecule found in many drinks like soda, tea and coffee. Interestingly, it has a structure similar to one of the fundamental building blocks of life, the DNA base, guanine, abbreviated G. Even if you drink a lot of coffee, caffeine would not be a good substitute for guanine in your DNA. Why do you think that is? Discover the answer »

Question #3

Both of the figures below represent structures made entirely of carbon, the same chemical element that makes up about 20 percent of a human’s body weight. The main difference is in how the carbon atoms are arranged and the chemical bonds those carbon atoms make with each other. Which of these two forms of carbon do you think costs more than the other? Discover the answer »


Question #4

What has more energy, the kinetic energy of a one and one-half ton sedan at 60 m.p.h. or the chemical energy of a four-oz. (King Size) Snickers® candy bar? Discover the answer »