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Like a Challenge? Question #4 Answer

Kinetic energy is defined by a familiar general physics equation of Ek = ½ mv2. The mass of one and one-half ton vehicle is 1,500 kg, and the speed is 26.82 m/s, giving an equation of = ½(1,500 kg) (26.82 m/s)2 = 539,583 J, or 129 Kcal. 

The 4 ounce Snickers® bar contains chemical energy stored in the chemical bonds of the protein, carbohydrate and fat molecules, and according to the nutrition facts is 440 Kcal or 440 Cal. The chemical energy is impressive in something so small, and illustrates the energy stored in shared electrons in a bond. Consider how much energy is required to maintain normal body functions with a 2000-2500 Cal diet, the recommended daily intake for an adult.

That is a lot of chemical energy.

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