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College of Science in the Media: 2015

“SC15 Announces Attendance Record & Awards Roundup,” Inside HPC, December 15, 2015, mentioning 1st-year computer science student Adnan Haider’s win of the 2015 Undergraduate Student Research Award for “Lessons from Post-Processing Climate Data on Modern Flash-Based HPC Systems.”

December 2015: The following publications reported on the gift of $7.6 million by Chris Gladwin, founder of Cleversafe and IIT Trustee, to Illinois Tech for the computer science department:
Chicago TribuneChicago TribuneChicago TribuneCrain’s Chicago BusinessChicago Sun-Times | Chicago InnoBuilt in ChicagoChronicle of PhilanthropyFOX 32Illinois Innovation Network

“Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously. Or Maybe Not. Scientists demonstrate how the brain physically understands language hierarchically,” Inside Science, December 10, 2015, quoting Shlomo Argamon, professor of computer science and a linguist who is expert in teaching human language to computers. 

Clear Science Education, as Judged by 11-Year-Olds,” Wall Street Journal, November 6, 2015, on the win by Eric Galicia, IIT health physics student, in Alan Alda’s Flame Challenge for science communication. Also covered in Live Science.

“Here Are the Schools with Degrees in Data Science,” BostInno, October 15, 2015, includes Illinois Tech’s data science degree. 

“Introducing the 150 Nominees for Chicago Inno's 50 on Fire,” Chicago Inno, October 13, 2015, includes Jason Resch (CS ’06), employee of Cleversafe, innovator, and IIT Outstanding Young Alumnus.

“Electrochemistry: Liquid Assets,” Nature, October 28, 2015, quoting Carlo Segre, Duchossois Leadership Professor of Physics, on his research on flow batteries for electrical vehicles.

Scientists Help Safeguard Nuclear Reactors,” Science Daily, October 19, 2015, on research by Physics Professor Jeff Terry to develop fuel claddings that are capable of withstanding the high temperatures resulting from a Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA), like that at Fukushima.

ALCF Summer Program Offers Unique Experience,” HPC Wire, September 3, 2105, on research by IIT computer science students, including Alex Ballmer (1st-year CS), Ben Walters (4th-year CS), and Zhou Zhou (4th-year CS).

Researchers solve mystery of how AkT ‘moves’ from cytosol to cell membrane,”, July 30, 2015, on Biology Professor Jialing Xiang’s discovery that a small protein called Ub14A can help to build actin “bridges” that bring Akt to a cell membrane, where they get activated.

IIT's Computer Discovery Program Gives Girls Hands On STEM Experience They Miss In School,” Chicago Inno, July 3, 2015, about the program, started by Cindy Hood, professor of computer science, and run by Vida Winans, adjunct professor of computer science, to encourage middle-school girls to pursue computer science.

“So You Want to Be a Data Scientist,” Datanami, June 4, 2015, quoting Shlomo Argamon, professor of computer science and director of the Master of Data Science program.

“Q&A: Expanding kids' horizons can help pave the way to a career,” Chicago Tribune, May 3, 2015, interviewing Vida Winans, adjunct professor of computer science, on IIT’s Middle-School Discovery Camp for Girls.

Illinois Institute of Technology Wants To Fill Projected 200K Shortage of Data Scientists,” Chicago Inno, April 27, 2015, on IIT’s Master of Data Science program, now available online.

“Moore’s Law at 50: The Past and Future” ComputerWorld and NetworkWorld, April 16, 2015, quoting Xian-He Sun, Distinguished Professor of Computer Science.

New cobalt catalyst transforms propane to propene,” LPGas, March 19, 2015, about research by Adam Hock, assistant professor of chemistry. 

New cobalt catalyst transforms propane to propene,”, March 17, 2015, on Chemistry Professor Adam Hock’s new catalyst. 

“Would Using Deflated Balls Give New England Patriots Big Advantage?” CBS Chicago – Channel 2, January 21, 2015, interviewing Sally Laurent-Muehleisen, adjunct professor of physics, about the Deflategate controversy.