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Illinois Tech Computer Science’s Culotta and University of Michigan’s Hemphill Create Cyberbullying Early-Response System
What if we could predict cyberbullying and intervene before it escalates? Researchers have created a tool that uses linguistic... read more
College of Science Now Accepting Undergraduate Summer Research Stipend Nominations
The College of Science is now accepting nominations for Undergraduate Summer Research Stipends for summer 2018. This program... read more
CS Undergrads Kannan and Batliner Comment on Sale of Omnipointment to Mimir
What is it like to sell your startup as an undergraduate? “I didn’t imagine that I would be in this position when we started two... read more
Illinois Tech Students Place in VandyHacks and DemonHacks Hackathons
Two teams from Illinois Tech participated in the VandyHacks and DemonHacks hackathons. The VandyHacks team, comprised of Zeshan... read more
Tenure-Track/Tenured Positions In Computer Science for Fall 2018
The Department of Computer Science at Illinois Institute of Technology seeks applications for tenure-track positions starting in... read more

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