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Brief History, Vision and Mission of the Department

Brief History of the Department

The Computer Science Department grew out of Illinois Tech's Information Science Center which first offered CS courses in 1959. When the Information Science Center became the Department of Computer Science in 1971, Illinois Tech was already offering undergraduate and graduate courses leading to a Master of Science in Information Science and a Master of Science for Teachers in Information Science; it was also offering non-credit courses for high-school students and teachers. Since 1971, Computer Science has become the largest department on campus and has granted more than five thousand degrees. On Main Campus, we offer degrees at all levels, and through IIT Online we are able to offer master's degrees both nationally and internationally.


The Illinois Tech Department of Computer Science will be known as an international leader in computing and informatics research, education, and innovation. It will be the partner of choice for the academic, technology, governmental, and nonprofit communities in Chicago and beyond.


To research, educate, and innovate at the cutting edge of computer science, shaping the field and contributing significantly to the evolving needs of the world we live in. We will collaborate within and beyond our discipline and engage broadly and deeply with society.

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