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Some Tips For Graduate CS Applicants and New Graduate CS Students

If You’re Applying:

  • Study Graduate Admission’s Application and FAQ webpages.
  • If you would like to visit the campus, get a tour, and learn more about enrollment, financial aid, career services, or other subjects, register here. (These are not formal interviews and are not required for admission.)
  • Study the department’s admission requirements: CS Master’s; CDSOR; Data Science; Ph.D; Other programs.
  • Please submit your transcript, letters of recommendation, financial statement and other application materials through Graduate Admission’s Applicant Portal.
  • Please avoid uploading large transcript scan files (larger than, say, 4 or 5 MB) because they can be difficult for us to access when reviewing your application. Rescan using lower resolution or split your submission into multiple smaller files.
  • You must contact Graduate Admission if you are having problems with the submission of application documents. We in the CS department have no ability to upload application materials, so unfortunately, asking us to do this can only delay your application.
  • Similarly, only Graduate Admission can check for missing documents, mark documents as being received or satisfactory, or mark your application as approved for review by the CS department admission committee.

Once You’ve Been Admitted:

  • Your admission letter should contain the name of your CS department academic advisor; if it doesn’t, please contact Graduate Admission.
  • Study Graduate Admission’s webpages for Admitted Students, particularly their Next Steps for Domestic and International graduate students. If you have any questions or problems with these steps (such as with visa or I-20 documents), please contact Graduate Admission; your CS department graduate advisor can’t help you here.
  • If you decide to accept admission to IIT, be sure to confirm your Intent to Enroll, otherwise you may be delayed when you try to register for classes.
  • If your undergraduate work was not in CS, your admission may have been conditional under the requirement you take the prerequisite courses CS 201, CS 401, and/or CS 402. Your admission letter should say which course(s) are required of you. If you have questions about these courses, please contact Dennis Hood or Jim Sasaki.
  • If you're required to take CS 401 but have not taken CS 201, then you should register for the CS 201/401 Placement Exam; please contact Dennis Hood.

Registering for Classes:

  • International students can’t register for classes until they arrive on campus and visit the International Center. The center will release the “registration hold” that keeps you from registering for classes.
  • It’s possible for new students to have other kinds of registration holds; generally they can be released only by Graduate Admission.
  • If you took undergraduate classes in CS, you might receive prerequisite credit for those courses. Prerequisite credit does not count toward a degree but it does allow you to avoid retaking a course you took somewhere else. If you have questions about your prerequisite credited courses, please contact Dennis Hood or Jim Sasaki.
  • Your CS department academic advisor can help you decide which courses to take. Prepare for this discussion by reading the degree requirements page for your degree. You’ll find links to course descriptions, the class schedule, and recently-offered past courses as Useful Links on the CS department home page.
  • To register for classes, use the myIIT Portal. You’ll need a registration PIN. You can get your first PIN from your CS department academic advisor. Subsequent PINs will appear on your portal page.

New CS Graduate Student Orientation:

  • In addition to the orientation sessions held by the university, the CS department holds a new graduate student orientation each spring and fall semester, the week before classes begin. The time and location should appear as an event on the the CS department home page.
  • We will discuss the requirements for the degrees and give you advice on how to be a successful CS student, so please make every effort to attend this orientation.