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Accelerated Courses in Computer Science

Got a few days?

If so, then we can give you a semester's worth of knowledge.

Courses for working professionals

These accelerated courses go beyond the traditional academic course or corporate training class by examining both the concepts behind a technology and the real world use of that technology. As a result, these courses are ideal for the working professional who is interested in keeping abreast of rapidly changing technologies.

Offered for academic credit...

These accelerated courses can be taken for academic credit by degree-seeking students at Illinois Institute of Technology. Courses numbered CS 700 - CS 749 count as 400-level courses; courses numbered CS 750 - CS 799 count as 500-level courses. No short course can be used as a core course.

Main Campus
Computer Science Dept.
Illinois Institute of Technology
Stuart Building, Room 235
10 West 31st Street
Chicago IL 60616
Phone: 312-567-5150
Fax: 312-567-5067

Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment up to seven days prior to the start date of class.