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Prerequisite Undergraduate Coursework

Required Undergraduate CS Coursework

Applicants who do not have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science must meet the following fundamental undergraduate coursework requirements to be admitted to the Master of Science in Computer Science (MSCS), Master of Computer Science (MCS), Master of Artificial Intelligence (MAS-AI), and Master of Cybersecurity (MAS-CYBS) degree programs:

Knowledge of any high-level programming language, such as C or Java, can be substituted for knowledge of C++.

Should you require fundamental coursework, you may be admitted under the condition that you must takie the courses above or the accelerated course equivalents CS 401 (Introduction to Advanced Studies I) and CS 402 (Introduction to Advanced Studies II) at Illinois Tech. The CS 201/401 Placement Exam is used to determine whether CS 201 must be taken before taking CS 401.

If you feel that your industry experience or previous studies are equivalent to CS 401 and/or CS 402, you can take and pass a CS 401 or 402 Proficiency Exam during your first semester at Illinois Tech.

All prerequisite undergraduate coursework must be passed with a grade of “B” or better. This grade is also required before a course can serve as a prerequisite for another course.

Prerequisite undergraduate coursework must be completed in the same number of semesters: A one-course requirement must be finished in one semester, a two-course requirement must be finished in two semesters, and so on. Non-compliance will result in removal from the graduate program.