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Lexicography Group

The Lexicography Group is building a large lexical database for English to support application in information retrieval, parsing, and text generation. The backbone of our database, IITLEX, is data derived from the first edition of the Collins English Dictionary with the kind permission of the publishers.

We have added other data from a number of sources, such as the lists of nouns, verbs, and adjectives that support sentential complements of various kinds developed at Indiana University by Householder and his group. We also include data on other kinds of verb arguments from the Brandeis Verb List developed by Jane Grimshaw and Ray Jackendoff. Sven Jacobson has kindly allowed us to render his adverb dictionary into machine readable form and include it in our database.

Our research can be divided roughly into three parts: 1) Building Lexicon Database, 2) Building Lexical Tools and 3) Building Natural Language Processing Tools.

Faculty contact: Martha Evens