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The Software Engineering Advantage

For 20 years, Illinois Tech has weaved software engineering into the curriculum of the computer science department. Software engineering refers to the design, development, maintenance, and testing of software systems. Efficient development and assessment of software systems is critical, and in some cases, such as with the medical, transportation, or manufacturing systems, “catching bugs” before a product is made public can literally be the difference between life and death.  At best, faulty software can delay releases and cause maintenance nightmares. Not all computer programmers are software engineers, and good software engineers are in high demand in today’s software-driven world.

Undergraduate students in Illinois Tech’s computer science department gain a theoretical and practical background in software engineering. Students take classes where they undergo the stages of software development in groups to expose them to teamwork and leadership concepts, and the curriculum provides education in a variety of programming paradigms, testing processes, and software development processes, teaching them adaptability. Graduate courses are available for those who want a deeper understanding of the latest software engineering theory and practices.