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BIOL 114 - Introduction to Human Biology

Course Description: 

This course, designed for non-majors in biology, covers selected topics in biology of particular relevance to humans and to human health and disease. Topics include: Introductory biochemistry and cell structure, organization, and regulation of body systems; human genetics; human development; biotechnology; introduction to human pathogens and infectious diseases including sexually-transmitted diseases and immunologic diseases such as AIDS; human ecology; and human evolution. This course is not available to those students for whom BIOL 115 is a required course, including students majoring in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics, Chemical Engineering, or Biomedical Engineering, and students in any pre-health profession major or minor. BIOL 107 and BIOL 114 constitutes a one-year sequence in biology. Acceptable as part of science component of the General Education Program.