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CHEM 460 - Bioanalytical Chemistry

Course Description: 

This course will provide an introduction to analysis of biomolecules and biologically active molecules and cover analytical and spectroscopic methods for characterization, separation, and detection of biomolecules and biologically active molecules. Students will learn chemical, biochemical, biophysical, chromatographic, electrochemical, and instrumental techniques for detection, qualitative and quantitative analysis, and characterization of small drugs, biomolecules, bioconjugates, biosimilars, and biopharmaceuticals including protein, antibodies, nucleic acid, and enzymes. Potential topics includes acid-base chemistry, chemical kinetics and thermodynamics, biomolecular structure, enzyme and protein chemistry, bioconjugate chemistry, spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, fluorescence microscopy, chromatography, electrochemistry, and analysis and characterization of proteins and nucleic acids.




[(CHEM 237 with min. grade of D, CHEM 247 with min. grade of D, and CHEM 343 with min. grade of D)]