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CHEM 461 - Bioanalytical Chemistry Laboratory

Course Description: 

In this laboratory course of bioanalytical chemistry, students will learn chemical, biochemical, and instrumental lab techniques for detection, analysis, separation, and characterization of small drugs, bioactive agents, and biomolecules. Students will gain hands-on lab experience in the biochemical assays, microscopic, and spectroscopic analysis of biologically active molecules including small drugs, proteins, and DNAs. Potential topics include instrumental and spectroscopic analysis using FTIR, Raman, UV-visible, fluorescence, NMR, AFM, ICP, HPLC, calorimetry, fluorescence microscope, and mass spectrometry; DNA and protein electrophoresis; chromatographic separation; immunoassay; DNA profiling; peptide sequencing; PCR; centrifugation; and microdialysis; and statistical analysis.




[(CHEM 237 with min. grade of D, CHEM 247 with min. grade of D, and CHEM 343 with min. grade of D)]