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CHEM 467 - Medicinal Chemistry

Course Description: 

This course will provide an introduction to medicinal chemistry. Potential topics include organic chemistry in drug design and drug action; structure-activity relationship (SAR); mechanism of drug action; pharmaceutical analysis and formulation; binding affinity, selectivity, and specificity; drug efficacy, toxicity, and oral bioavailability; drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME); pharmacokinetics (PK); pharmacodynamics (PD); interaction of drugs with enzymes, protein receptors, DNAs, and RNAs; protein-protein interaction; enzyme inhibition and mechanism; molecular target identification and detection; prodrugs; biologics; antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) chemistry; drug discovery process; development of therapeutics, diagnostics, and theranostics; pharmaceutical and clinical data analysis; case studies of preclinical and clinical trials.




[(CHEM 239 with min. grade of D and CHEM 343 with min. grade of D)]