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CHEM 472 - Environmental Chemistry

Course Description: 

This course provides an introduction to environmental chemistry and is focused on application of chemical principles and theories to the study of environmental phenomena and issues and covers matters related to environment and earth. Potential topics include aquatic chemistry, water pollution and purification, atmospheric chemistry, air pollution, hydrology and geochemistry, soil chemistry and pollution, natural resource and cycle, energy and sustainability, climate change, chemical bonding and reactions, thermodynamics and kinetics, acid-base chemistry, redox chemistry, bio-inorganic chemistry on earth and living systems, organic and inorganic toxicants and pollutants, hazardous heavy metals, nuclear wastes, waste and recycling, green chemistry, environmental toxicology, and chemical and environmental health and safety.




[(CHEM 125 with min. grade of D) OR (CHEM 126 with min. grade of D)] AND [(CHEM 247 with min. grade of D)]