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CS 548 - High-Speed Networks

Course Description: 

The course studies the architectures, interfaces, protocols, technologies, products and services for broadband (high-speed) multimedia networks. The key principles of the protocols and technologies used for representative network elements and types of broadband network are studied. Specifically, cable modems, Digital Subscriber Lines, Power Lines, wireless 802.16 (WiMax), and broadband cellular Internet are covered for broadband access; for broadband Local Area Networks (LANs), Gigabit Ethernet, Virtual LANs and wireless LANs (802.11 WiFi and Bluetooth) are discussed; for broadband Wide Area Networks (WANs) the topics covered include optical networks (SONET/SDH,DWDM, optical network nodes, optical network nodes, optical switching technologies), frame-relay, ATM, wire-speed routers, IP switching, and MPLS. Also, quality of service issues in broadband networks and a view of the convergence of technologies in broadband networks are covered.




[(CS 455 with min. grade of C)]