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CS 553 - Cloud Computing

Course Description: 

This course is a tour through various topics and technologies related to cloud computing. Students will explore solutions and learn design principles for building large network-based systems to support both compute-intensive and data-intensive applications across geographically distributed infrastructure. Topics include resource management, programming models, application models, system characterizations, and implementations. Discussions will often be grounded in the context of deployed cloud computing systems such as Amazon EC2 and S3, Microsoft Azure, Google AppEngine, Eucalyptus, Nimbus, OpenStack, Google's MapReduce, Yahoo's Hadoop, Microsoft's Dryad, Sphere/Sector, and many other systems. The course involves lectures, outside invited speakers, discussions of research papers, programming assignments, and a major project (including both a written report and an oral presentation).




[(CS 450 with min. grade of C) OR (CS 455 with min. grade of C)]