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CS 558 - Advanced Computer Security

Course Description: 

This course will teach various modern topics in network and computer security. It will provide a thorough grounding in cyber-security for students who are interested in conducting research on security and networking and for students who are more broadly interested in real-world security issues and techniques. Students will undertake a semester-long research project with the goal of technical publications. Lecture topics will include, but not limited to: (1) Unwanted traffic, such as denial of service (DoS), and spam; (2) Malware, such as botnet, worm, and virus; (3) Network configuration and defense, such as firewall, access control, and intrusion detection systems; (4) Cyber physical system security, such as critical infrastructure protection (e.g., smart grid); and (5) Hot topics, such as software-defined networking (SDN), network verification, data center and enterprise network security, web security and more.




[(CS 450 with min. grade of C) OR (CS 455 with min. grade of C) OR (CS 458 with min. grade of C)]