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February Alumni Spotlight Stories

We lover our alumni and they love each other.

Did you meet your sweetheart on Illinois Tech's Campus?

During the month of February we will be highlighting College of Science alumni who found their love in education and on campus. Please send a selfie with your sweetie and a short story of how you met. We will showcase you on our alumni webpage. Send selfies and stories to, phone 312.567.7015 for more info.

Amit (EE’88) & Vazi Okhandiar (CS’88)

During the summer of 1986, Vazi visited her brother who was pursuing his Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Illinois Tech. During the campus visit, Vazi fell in love with the campus and enrolled in the fall of that year to do her Master’s in Computer Science. Amit, who was already pursuing his degree in Electrical Engineering at Illinois Tech, met Vazi in the library while studying for his final exam. Vazi and Amit spent long hours on campus studying and working on projects together. They both graduated in 1988, moved to Southern California and were married in December of 1989.

In early 2000, Amit and Vazi co-founded two companies: mLogica, Inc. and NR Computer Learning Center. Both companies are headquartered in Southern California. mLogica specializes in Big Data and Cloud Migrations, while NR Computer Learning Center specializes in providing Information Technology (IT) and project management training.

They have two sons, Neil, who graduated from Illinois Tech in 2018, and Rohit (Kris) who is currently attending Illinois Tech. 

While the Okhandiar family is based in Southern California, they continue to maintain a close relationship with IIT.

David (MATH’67) & Ann Chernow

Although David and Ann did not meet on the Illinois Tech campus, their meeting was a direct result of his time at Illinois Tech.  Numerous friendships that David made while on campus led him to a summer job at CNA, a large insurance company in downtown Chicago; and there is where he met the love of his life, Ann.

Ann was the smartest, prettiest, most popular woman in the office.  His desk was positioned in a way that he saw her every time he looked up. He worked with her every day, but was too shy to ask her out.  So, he took out her co-worker, who promptly told Ann that she would like him.  They were married less than two years later.  That was 50 years ago and he still thanks his former co-worker, CNA, and Illinois Tech.

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